I am 14 years old
I am a softball pitcher
I am a sister, daughter, and aunt
I am 5’ 1/8’’ and blonde
I am a best friend
I am funny but mean/sarcastic
I am loud and obnoxious
I am a girl
I am a person with emotions and a big heart

1.  a woman
2.  a wife and a mother
3.  humble
4.  generous
5.  nurturing
6.  a gourmand
7.  witty
8.  funny
9.  a friend
1. a girl
2. funny
3. angry
4. 14 years old
5. a daughter and a granddaughter
6. a great sister
7. a student at Jefferson High
8. wishing I were home schooled
9. someone who wants to be left alone

1. a former journalist
2. a former political cartoonist
3. the author of seven as yet unpublished novels
4. a hopeful pessimist
5. funny (at least on paper)
6. a bit of a nerd
7. a frazzled wife and mother
8. from a very big family
9. afraid of heights
10. a geek goddess
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