1. I am a female
 2. I am in pain,it makes me sad
3. I am often bedridden for long periods of time
4. I am smarter than I look
 5. I am a devourer of books and am a book blogger
 6. I am an eternal optimist-no matter what
 7. I am good at making my friends laugh
8. I am a closet Buffy, Angel and Supernatural Fan (know every episode by heart)
9. I am thin and people who don't know me think I have an eating disorder; that really bothers me.
10. I am a lover of all animals and take in strays all the time and find them good homes

Kristi's Website

I adore Young Adult books and that's pretty much all I read even though I'm over 20. I'm an RN in an Neuro ICU with only 16 months to go to get my Masters Degree in Nursing. I became extremely ill, literally overnight with a very rare, very painful Central Nervous System disease which unfortunately branched out to other painful diseases. I haven't been able to work or go to school since this happened but I have hope that I will be able to restart my life again.